LILA लीला emerged from inner realms into the collective consciousness on September 3rd, 2021. I could tell the story in many different ways, and all of them would be both true and untrue.

Some of you reading this may be aware that for all of my life I have been consumed by a desire to express my inner visions through patterns of sound. A very natural thing indeed, as we all carry treasures within as well as the instrument to express sound through the resonance chamber of our body.

Some of you reading this may be aware of the diversity of my musical expressions throughout the years, and the multitude of personas that have emerged as part of that. All of it reflects inner processes which are beyond my ability to comprehend intellectually. The way I see it, creativity is identical to lifeforce, and it is a continuum (and not a file cabinet with separate sections organized in perfect order with explanations attached). But when that continuum of creativity moves into expression, it organizes said expression in the most remarkably intelligent of ways; far beyond any human intellect’s ability to comprehend. This can be easily observed in the myriad of supremely intelligent evolving patterns and processes surrounding and enveloping and enabling us to be alive. (Seriously contemplating the innumerable precise processes that are required just for you to be able to be awake in this moment will begin to nudge the inner door open for even most cold-hearted atheists.)

My inner world is extremely dynamic, and I still wonder how I will ever be able to translate any of it into something that is meaningful to another human being. Music is my way of attempting to do so: without it I wouldn’t even exist in this form. So, I never lacked inspiration about things to say, but I have often felt that both my way of working and that of sharing my work were too chaotic/not structured enough to provide the stability needed to allow through what wanted to come through. A multi-layered acronym where there is a division and place for all that I am, a platform for sharing intimate artistic collaborations emerging from the resonant soul connections that happen from time to time, a structure for releasing music on physical media… LILA लीला is all that, and much more.

⁣Since I’m convinced that we are all in this adventure called life together, I have set up the foundational structure of LILA लीला so that a part of the proceeds will go towards trustworthy organizations who work towards enabling all beings on the planet better conditions for leading a joyful life. This aspect will expand together with the whole, however, I have already signed up for a monthly donation to PLAN International (; an organization working towards advancing children’s rights and equality for girls in more than 75 countries to date. I aim to eventually be able to expand my monthly contribution to them, as well as also giving to more organizations. There are so many people with big hearts and great ideas in this world.

If you want, you are welcome to be a part of my journey with LILA लीला in whatever way feels good to you:

• the main platform at the moment remains with trustworthy Bandcamp:

• an online store for physical artifacts, integrated with a Bandcamp code for each purchased release:

• follow LILA’s Facebook page:

• … and I also set up an Instagram account which I will nurture, slowly and thoughtfully as seems to be my style:

• I will keep the Eternell subscription ( going as is, and that will for now continue to be the best and most direct way of supporting me (with a yearly sum equivalent of a hot beverage per month). The only difference there will hopefully be a somewhat more consistent output of releases and updates, now also including the manifestations of LILA लीला.

That’s it for now. I will share about the inaugural release in another post. To those of you who read this far, as a token of my appreciation, let me remind you of something so easily forgotten in our fast-paced lives:

>> the love and beauty of this very moment now is all that ever matters. Ever. <<

Welcome to LILA लीला • enjoy your play ~~~

… and remember to take good care of Mother so that she can clean up after you’re done.

☥ Ludvig Cimbrelius